The South West Moorland Leader Training Scheme

The South West Moorland Leader Training Scheme (SWMLTS) scheme is operated by Local Authorities in the South West of England to provide training and assessment and recognition of competence for leaders of walking and camping activities.

The scheme has been in existence for over 30 years to meet the needs of people wishing to supervise walking and camping activities and who are unable to access national awards provided by Mountain Training England.

Mountain Training England recognises the SWMLTS as an appropriate pathway to leadership competence in the countryside and moors of the South West, with strong links towards national qualifications Participants may take part in all or some of the awards depending on their needs.

Once registered with any providing local authority, participants may take part in different modules of the scheme with different local authorities.

The scheme comprises several modular awards;

  • Coastal & Countryside Leader
  • Coastal & Countryside Camping Endorsement
  • Summer Moorland Leader
  • Summer Moorland Camping Endorsement
  • Winter Moorland Leader